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Have you ever walked into a room and felt uneasy or uncomfortable, yet don’t know why?

Or have moved into a new house or unit and something doesn’t feel quite right? 

These are commonplace experiences with uncommonly known remedies. Without realising it, every time we have angry or harsh words with others, the residual energy of that heated exchange lingers in that room, house or workspace. If this is a regular occurrence, over time it will lead to a buildup of negativity and a bad ‘atmosphere’.  In addition, if we are mentally and emotionally stressed, anxious or fearful, this too can negatively impact our physical environment and increase its ‘heaviness’.

The spaces in which we work or live are also affected if previously inhabited or occupied by others. Especially if there has been a death whether it is natural or otherwise, as well as violence or any other negative event - each a factor that influences the ‘feel’ of the space unless it is energetically cleared. All items like furniture, clothing, books, art and jewelry, in other words anything that is physical and tangible also carry energy and can tell a story and they too add to the uneasy ‘feeling’ of a space.

The feeling of a home or workspace is also negatively impacted when there is or has been the use of drugs, excessive alcohol, as well as from people with unhealed trauma and painful past experiences. Even having guests or visitors to your home can affect its energy imprint and disrupt the harmony, impacting everyone including our pets - making the removal of negative energy highly recommended.



Science tells us that everything is made of vibrating matter or energy, including the human body. They have also discovered that a human energy field surrounds our physical body. They have observed that this energy field comprises a number of layers which are also known as, or called, 'bodies'.  These bodies surround each other in successive layers and have been recorded to vibrate at a different frequency to our physical body as well as being greatly affected by our mental and emotional state.


Thus, the happier we are, the higher the vibration of these bodies would be, and conversely the more stressed and tense we are, the lower and denser the vibration, which in turn impacts the spaces we inhabit or spend time in. The more negative the emotion, the more contracted and heavy we feel. Thus living or working in spaces where the energies are of a lower vibration will greatly impact our levels of motivation and how we feel as well as impact our productivity and happiness.

Over time a buildup of negative or low energy can then affect the health and wellbeing, mentally and emotionally, of anyone occupying the space, even years later, unless it is cleared.  Living or working in a space that is laden with these heavy energies can also lead to an increase in the number of accidents, electrical failures and things breaking down.     

In addition, there is another scientific phenomenon at play and that is the Law of Attraction which states that like attracts like, which means that if an item or space is of a low vibrating energy, then it attracts other low energies, and can lead to an undesirable events and outcomes. 

If we are feeling depressed or have experienced deep grief or loss, then we too can be in a low vibrational state and combined with the heavier energies of the space we live or work in, can unwittingly attract low energies in the form of disembodied energetic beings trapped in our world, or any other negative energies that may be around, even like an unpleasant infestation of insects.


  • Weird smells

  • Lots of things going wrong or breaking down

  • Hearing noises and voices when there is no one there

  • An infestation of insects

  • Electrical disturbances or lights flickering

  • Toys turning on and off

  • Seeing shadows moving in the corner of your eye

  • Family members acting out of character


One effective way to reinstate a harmonious and positive environment is to have your house, workspace or property energetically cleared.

During the clearing we are able to remove and release this dense energy.  We also identify, then clear areas and items that hold this low energy.


By removing the unintentional and stagnant energy in your surrounds after a clearing and replacing it with higher frequency energy, you can expect the space to feel:

  • Lighter and clearer

  • More peaceful and tranquil

  • Invigorated and positive


If you had previously experienced odd and weird occurrences or even disturbances before, then you will no longer have to contend and navigate such situations.  In most cases our clients feel a palpable difference and unencumbered by the heavier disruptive feelings they had before.

With the intrusive energies removed, you will also feel safer and more at ease with a greater feeling of protection, restoring peace of mind and a sense of well-being. 

It will feel like an energetic spring clean! 

What can I do to keep my space clear?


Low and dense energy collects and is attracted to cluttered spaces and it is suggested that unused and unwanted items be discarded, sold or given away.  You will be given written instructions on what needs to be done and how you can maintain a high vibration space.

Regular use of sage or smudging will also help clear any lower energy.  This can be done by first closing all the windows then sageing the areas, and open the windows after 20 – 30 minutes. 

A diffuser with lavender is also an effective way to keep the energies clear while salt can be sprinkled in areas like doorways, windows and the corners of a room.1

Bed with Blue Pillows


It is as easy as booking an appointment, then we will give you a call to discuss further arrangements.

Clearings can be done in person or remotely depending on your location. Each individually space whether it is at home/land or work is cleansed and cleared, as well as suggestions given on how to keep the space clear.




Felicity King


A Shaman from Peru, Felicity's healing and intuitive gifts are fifth generation, carried down from her maternal ancestors and was initiated at Machu Picchu in 2011. 

Felicity holds space for clients who wish to experience a unique spiritual journey from beginners to the advanced. She is the vessel to bring through life force energies from the higher realms beyond the veil to help people reach their soul purpose, and to experience transformations in all aspects of their lives, be it physical, mental or emotional. 


Felicity has been practicing all her gifts and modalities since 2016 and has worked at numerous Wellness Centres on the Gold coast.

Reiki Master Spiritual mentor and coach Sound healing and chakra balance with crystals |

Readings: Psychic, Tarot  & Oracle cards Mediumship | Palm readings  

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