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Let's start with eight reasons why you would want to meditate on a daily basis:

  • Reduces stress

  • Enhances resilience

  • Improves focus, concentration and creativity

  • Increases happiness

  • Get a good night's sleep every night

  • Feel better about yourself

  • Reduces worry and anxiety

  • Experience quietness

It’s hard to believe that meditation is a natural state of the mind and that we all have an innate capacity to meditate.  The mind has two things going on: one is the monkey mind that is constantly distracted by thoughts, emotions and sensations, pulling us in all directions. The other is that it enjoys peace and stillness and desires to turn within to access quietness.

The purpose then of the practice of meditation is to teach our minds to experience this inner freedom at all times.  This is done by getting to know ‘the self’ no matter what we are going through and no matter what we are experiencing – good or bad. As we witness and observe what distracts us, we get to change the way we experience these distractions and then in turn the way we experience ourselves.  In this empowered state we get to determine how we interact and move through every day, creating the reality we want.

Now combine it with a Singing Ring® healing?

Enhance this already relaxing experience with a Singing Ring® healing.  The added benefit from these sound waves, combined with the mental freedom experienced during a meditative state, will take you into deeper states of relaxation and brainwave coherence.

What is a Singing Ring®?

A Singing Ring® is a relatively recent innovation from Japan and is hand crafted from crystal-infused metal. Its unique composition facilitates absorption of lower vibrational energies while simultaneously recharging your body with pure and clean energy. Its perfect harmonic overtones allow the meditator to access deep states of relaxation and inner peace, which has been backed up by scientific brainwave observation research.

During a healing sound bath meditation you will feel the difference compared to any other meditation method you have experienced. The resonance of the beautiful harmonic overtones lasts for about 135 seconds - there are no instruments like this in the world.

Uniquely and individually hand crafted by Japanese master craftsmen, aided by tuning meters and their sensitive sound hearing,  ensures consistent and reliable sound no matter where you strike.

Since Singing Ring® bowls are tuned exactly the same, when playing one Singing Ring®, other Singing Ring's® begin to resonate to create harmonic overtones. This is known as the  “Sound Resonance Phenomena”, which creates a mystical atmosphere.

The experience of a Sound Bath meditation will be different for everyone, and although the Singing Ring® is not a medical device nor claims to cure illnesses, some of numerous benefits enjoyed by many include:


  • Deep relaxation

  • Peace of mind - reduced anxiety and depression

  • Enhanced quality of sleep

  • Balanced mental state and improved concentration

  • Chakra balancing empowerment

  • Improved listening

  • Assistance with chronic fatigue, loss and grief

  • Improved connection between  your deep subconscious and while igniting inspiration and creativity

  • Deep meditative state - theta wave state

​​​While the sound of a Singing Ring®can supports healing,  bringing harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

"According to the physicists, our universe is energy, which prefers harmony.  Our cells are vibrations and react to vibrations. Thus sound, whether white noise or a Mozart symphony, is constantly imparting a vibration on your state of being and therefore affecting your level of health and well-being. Vibration healing methods using music may well be the most direct and effective way to help the body to heal and come back into harmony and health. "
- Australian Naturopath, Sally Mathrick

Facilitated by Toshi, who offers both one on one and group vibrational sound healings with the Japanese Singing Ring®. Her focus is on reconnecting the self with the body, deep rest and restoration, these bowls offer a profound medicine as their sound and vibration fills the space. During the meditation class the bowls are placed and played on the body allowing the vibrations to sink deep into the body, having a transformative effect on a cellular level.


Attend these monthly Sound Bath meditation classes and  support your meditation practice to reach delicious inner freedom.

​​​Sound Bath healing meditation classes are held on the last Sunday of every 2nd month.

Places are limited so book soon.

Time: 3.45 - 5.30 pm

2023 Dates:

Sunday, February 26th

Sunday, April 30th

Sunday, July 30th

Sunday, August 27th

Sunday, October 29th

Sunday, December 17th

Class program:


  • Acknowledgement of ancestors, sending energy down into the earth

  • Introduce Singing Ring©, show vibrations and pattern in the water, briefly talk about what to expect

  • Brief guided mediation to drop into relaxation while playing the bowls around the room in an anticlockwise direction

  • Playing bowls on the back of the body

  • Playing bowl on the front of the body

  • Cup of tea and integration time

This is a healing and enjoyable approach to instill a regular practice, should meditating become a drag we will find every way to avoid a daily practice.


Next class

Sunday, 30th April 2023



Toshiko Matsumoto

Class ~ Sound Bath Healing Meditation


Toshi has been a massage and beauty therapist on the Gold Coast for over 20 years and has been playing Singing Ring® since 2011. She loves this amazing instrument and introduced it into Australia and became the first Certified Therapist here to spread this therapy. Since early 2018, she has travelled Australia to introduce this harmonic sound therapy. 

Born in 1959 in Nagoya, Japan, she immigrated to Australia in 1996 and is the mother of two daughters and a son. While raising her children, she learned the laws of natural vibration and frequency while later in her life she encountered Singing RingⓇ. Now she applies these studies of love and harmony to her life. By sharing the experience, she wishes everyone to have a healthy and happy life filled with joy and laughter.

Toshiko is currently a Singing Ring Association Certified Instructor and Therapist, a Co-director of the International Clay Therapy Association, and an instructor of ICA salon-work seminars.



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