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​​​At Numala Wellness Retreat we offer both Shaman training and Shamanic healing ceremonies.​​

Shamanic Workshops

During this experiential training, you will learn about the way of the Modern Shaman, their ethics, protocols, rituals, and ceremonies. You will learn how to safely navigate the non-ordinary realities to which a Shaman journeys and gain guidance and healing for yourself and others.

You will deepen and enhance your connection with Nature and awaken dormant spiritual abilities while having fun as you experience healing and transformation with like-minded participants.

Our shamanic training consists of 5 models which include:

Day One
  • What is a Shaman and how to become a Modern Day Shaman

  • The different Shamanic states of consciousness

  • About Shamanic healing and sage cleansing

  • How to safely prepare for a Shamanic journey

  • Shamanic tools and rituals

  • Power Animals explained

  • Journey to meet your Power Animal

Day Two
  • Understanding the Cosmic Web and the Nature of Spirit

  • Energise your power centres, shamanic breathing and grounding practices

  • Personal space, how to protect yourself, and space cleansing

  • Entheogens: safety and cautions

  • The Medicine Wheel and Calling in the Directions

Day Three
  • Journey to the Middle World to heal and view remotely

  • Earth healing merge

  • Connect with the Guardians of your land

  • Understanding and journey to be free from ancestral cycles

  • Fire and letting go ceremony

Day Four
  • About the Upper World

  • Journeying to the Upper World to connect with your Spirit Guide

  • Meeting Your True Self

  • Understanding Spiritual Guidance and journey to receive guidance

  • About the Energetic body and assessing the condition of your energetic body

  • Tracking and cutting cord exercises

Day Five
  • What is loss of Power and Power Animal Loss

  • Power Animal Retrieval

  • Journey to retrieve your Power Animal

  • Deepen your connection with your Power Animal exercise

  • Mini Vision Quest

  • Divination

  • Shamanic Initiation


Image by petr sidorov
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Image by Anthony Ievlev
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Shamanic Ceremonies

Shamanic ceremonies offer a profound and transformative experience for many, addressing various aspects of human existence and providing a holistic approach to well-being and spiritual development.

Reasons for Shamanic Ceremonies:

  • Healing purposes

  • Spiritual growth 

  • Guidance and Clarity on personal issues and life decisions

  • To connect with Nature 

  • Fostering a sense of community and belonging 

  • Purification and cleansing, and removing negative energies 

  • Empowerment to help reclaim lost parts/overcome fears

  • Connection with ancestors or deceased loved ones 

  • Exploration of Consciousness


Our Next Shamanic Ceremony

Working with plant spirit | Ceremonial cacao and plant medicine workshop
Saturday, 21st September 2024​​​​

Interested in Shamanism?

Book your workshop or class at Numala below

Meet Our Shamans
Karen Pattie

Her curiosity and inquiring mind led to her ask many questions about the body and its innate healing systems as well as wanting to understand universal energy and quantum physics. She went on to  receive a Certificate of Mastery, qualifying as a Reiki and Seichim Master in 2009.


As her studies deepened she broadened her skills to encompass that of Connective Healing and Quantum Healing.  The highlight of her quest on how to heal the body and activate its own healing systems was learning the art of Kiatsu (putting Ki into the body to stimulate its own natural healing abilities) by Sensei Michael Williams, the then World Instructor for Aikido. Shamanic healer, trained under Scott Silverton in Kauai, Hawaii. She then furthered her Shamanic studies under Alberto Vilvoldo of the Four Winds Society and Sandra Ingam, 

Tracey Jones

From a young adult, Tracey has been drawn to and engaged in healing and the invisible worlds of spirit. After overcoming a serious illness in 2015 and experiencing first-hand the guiding hand of spirit through that journey, she is dedicated to the innate healing capabilities found through the body, mind, and spirit connection.


Today, she is a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine certified by *The Four Winds Society, a Reiki-attuned healer and medium. She also holds a Certificate IV in Coaching.

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