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About a Shamanic Healing

A Shamanic Healing Journey

The healing experience has everything to do with the relationship the Shaman has with their spirit guides who are instrumental in co-creation and true miracles. The Shaman allows you into their intimate relationship with spirit, the invisible and mysterious place of non-ordinary reality as you travel through your shamanic journey. 

A Shaman uses a drum to enter a deeply altered state and then actively navigates non-ordinary reality, to retrieve missing aspects from the spirit world, or source the healing remedy the soul requires by gaining insight and then brings it back for the benefit of the client.

A journey will differ from one Shaman to another, with aspects like the drumming and rattle possibly being the only common link, as the relationship the Shaman has with their spirit guides ultimately steers the healing session.

Shamanism is performed with ceremony, requiring deep commitment and desire. Even with ongoing studies, learning and practicing is required to deepen the relationship with spirit guides, making it a respected gift and art form to be revered and tended.   


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What tools do Shaman's use?

Sage, drumming and/or rattles are instrumental in taking the shaman to another reality to meet with other worldly forces, and the rhythm of the breath of life to be feel renewed and whole.

The drum is the purest method of reaching an altered state of consciousness, as it assists to induce a trance where the brain enters the Theta brainwave state; the place where creativity and clairvoyance thrive and for the experience of a deep spiritual connection.

What to expect in your healing

Before the client arrives, the Shaman has prepared the healing space by inviting in their healing spirits and any compassionate ancestors that may like to be present.

Once the client arrives they are saged, and then their concerns, requirements are discussed. The client then lies down and a enjoys an energy session where the Shaman will explore their energy field while they receive an energy healing, then the Shamanic journey will begin.


On completion, the healing experience is discussed and any questions and/or concerns addressed. 

Although the Shamanic journey ranges from only 15 to 25 minutes, the entire healing session will take at least 90 minutes.

Clients are advised to drink lots of water for the next 48 hours after the healing session, and can expect the healing process to continue for at least 21 days thereafter. 

There are numerous paths to healing, either through touch, words or sound yet we all have experiences and premonitions we cannot explain. Shamanism is the gift and permission we need to embrace what we already have within and bring it into our reality, using it to connect the seen and unseen worlds. 

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Karrin Pattie

Her curiosity and inquiring mind led to her ask many questions about the body and its innate healing systems as well as wanting to understand universal energy and quantum physics. She went on to  receive a Certificate of Mastery, qualifying as a Reiki and Seichim Master in 2009.


As her studies deepened she broadened her skills to encompass that of Connective Healing and Quantum Healing.  The highlight of her quest on how to heal the body and activate its own healing systems was learning the art of Kiatsu (putting Ki into the body to stimulate its own natural healing abilities) by Sensei Michael Williams, the then World Instructor for Aikido. Shamanic healer, trained under Scott Silverton in Kauai, Hawaii.


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