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About a Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine?

Shamanism is rooted in humanity's oldest traditions, encompassing elements of both religion and healing arts. Shamans played pivotal roles as healers, teachers, and scholars in ancient communities, paving the way for our understanding of well-being.


In our contemporary era, scientific exploration endeavors to validate age-old concepts such as our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs possess the potential to shape the energy patterns within our bodies, consequently impacting our overall health.


Interestingly, many ancient healing methods including Shamanism, have intuitively recognised and embraced this foundational concept that by elevating the quality and vibration of your energy field, the body will naturally follow suit.


At Numala, our Shamanic Healing draws inspiration from these time-honoured teachings in healing and wellness. Rooted in the traditions of the Amazon and Andean Shamans, our approach seeks to harmonise and enhance the energetic aspects of your being, aligning with the wisdom passed down through the ages.


What tools does a Shaman use?

Our Shamanic practitioners use various supportive medicine tools to support their healing and energy work.


  • Sage, drum, and/or rattle are instrumental in taking the Shaman to another reality to meet with otherworldly forces, and the rhythm of the breath of life to feel renewed and whole.

  • The drum is the purest method of reaching an altered state of consciousness as it assists in inducing a trance where the brain enters the Theta brainwave state, the space where creativity and clairvoyance thrive and where deep spiritual connection is experienced.


  • A healing Mesa, a medicine pouch with 13 sacred healing stones, which is forged from the Shaman’s healing journey. These stones assist to remove unsupportive energy and anchor sacred space during the healing session.


  • Crystals, feathers, fire, and essence water are also tools of the Shaman used in a session.

What to expect in your Shamanic healing?

Healing unfolds along diverse pathways and is uniquely tailored to each client's needs and situation. Our practitioners collaborate closely with our clients to identify the healing challenge and then craft a personalised path towards health and wellness. Whether it involves a singular modality or a blend of modalities, sessions are adaptable if required, otherwise run for 90 minutes. Typically, clients find that multiple sessions are beneficial for creating lasting shifts and addressing issues over the long term.

Clients are advised to drink lots of water for the next 48 hours after the healing session and can expect the healing process to continue for at least 21 days thereafter. 

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What are the modalities of Shamanic Healing?


Our Shamanic practitioners employ a variety of methodologies during healing sessions, and a session may incorporate a single modality or a blend of modalities for a more comprehensive approach.


A core tool of the Shaman is the journey. Shamans are explorers of doorways from ordinary reality into non-ordinary reality (NOR) through portals leading from the physical to the spirit world. They move between these two worlds to bring about a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.


The Shamanic Journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom, knowledge and guidance or help with your life. During the Journey the Shaman meets with spirits who may be ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, deceased shamans, spirit guides, power animals, and angels. These are beings seen to possess great wisdom and power and are willing to help guide the living, as the Shaman allows you into their intimate relationship with spirit, the invisible and mysterious place of non-ordinary reality.

A Shaman enters a deep altered state, sometimes using a drum or rattle, and then actively navigates non-ordinary reality to retrieve the client's missing aspects from the spirit world or sources the healing remedy for the soul.



In Shamanic healing, illumination is a powerful process designed to bring light and harmony to the body's energy field by focusing on the balance of the chakras, the energy centres within the body. By connecting to spirit and exploring non-ordinary reality the Shaman identifies the affected chakra/s linked to an issue or trauma.


The Shaman then works to clear that energetic imprint by placing medicine stones on the body combined with intentional energetic infusion. This proactive approach aims to prevent emotional and traumatic energies manifesting as physical illness or injury.


This session goes beyond targeted healing, and encompasses a broader energy balance across all the chakras. The overarching goal is to revitalise and optimise the vitality and flow within the entire energy field. The illumination process is a holistic method that harmonises energies, contributing to overall well-being.

There are numerous paths to healing, either through touch, words or sound yet we all have experiences and premonitions we cannot explain. Shamanism is the gift and permission we need to embrace what we already have within and bring it into our reality, using it to connect the seen and unseen worlds. 

Energy extraction

At times, we inadvertently pick up and then carry unwanted and non-supportive energies. These energies can become toxic and affect our well-being if not identified and removed. With their profound connection to spirit and exploration of non-ordinary reality, Shamans can identify and extract these intrusive energies, and then balance the energy field to promote overall well-being.


Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is a phenomenon that can occur in the wake of trauma or profound loss and may lead us to disconnect, causing fragments of our once healed self to retreat and leave behind the wounded self. Using a Shamanic Journey on your behalf, the Shaman delves into the depths to unveil and retrieve these lost soul parts leading to soul integration and the commencement of the healing process.

Ancient Stone Reading

A stone oracle reading is an opportunity to read destiny and to change it! The Shaman ‘casts the stones' three times, then analyses their shape arrangement, energy, movement, and pattern to read the underlying energetic form of an issue or illness. With meticulous care, the Shaman interprets the stones and then guides the natural flow of destiny toward a more positive outcome.


Protection Rites

During a Shaman's journey from initiation to becoming a practitioner, they receive numerous protection rites which have been handed down through the ancestral line of Shamans and healers preceding them. These rites, laden with ancient wisdom can be extended to clients to provide additional layers of prayer, blessing, and protection.


Fire Ceremony

Sitting around a fire is something our ancestors have done for thousands of years. The Fire Ceremony is a sacred ritual using the transformative power of the fire element where prayers for healing, change, empowerment, and protection are offered and celebrated.


Connection to Spirit and Helpful Guides

The Shaman can support a client's connection to spirit with a retrieval of animal guides and connection to the Lords of the Upper, Middle, and Lower worlds.


For more information on Shamanism or call Tracey on 0498 007 130 

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Tracey Jones

From a young adult, Tracey has been drawn to and engaged in healing and the invisible worlds of spirit. After overcoming a serious illness in 2015 and experiencing first-hand the guiding hand of spirit through that journey, she is dedicated to the innate healing capabilities found through the body, mind, and spirit connection. Today, she is a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine certified by *The Four Winds Society, a Reiki-attuned healer and medium. She also holds a Certificate IV in Coaching.


*Founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the Four Winds Society is dedicated to transforming the world through the marriage of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology, and neuroscience. Medical anthropologist and best-selling author, Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. has studied shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Andes for over 30 years. He is founder of the Four Winds Society and Light Body School, which trains certified energy medicine practitioners.



Karrin Pattie

Her curiosity and inquiring mind led to her ask many questions about the body and its innate healing systems as well as wanting to understand universal energy and quantum physics. She went on to  receive a Certificate of Mastery, qualifying as a Reiki and Seichim Master in 2009.


As her studies deepened she broadened her skills to encompass that of Connective Healing and Quantum Healing.  The highlight of her quest on how to heal the body and activate its own healing systems was learning the art of Kiatsu (putting Ki into the body to stimulate its own natural healing abilities) by Sensei Michael Williams, the then World Instructor for Aikido.


This organically lead her to venture to Kauai to further her studies as in advanced healing under Shaman Scott Silverton and then under Sandra Ingerman, world renowned teacher of Shamanism and Dr Alberto Villoldo of the Four Wind.

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