Gentle yoga classes

These classes are specifically aimed to help men and women who are looking for a gentle but effective approach to loosening up. 


There is a huge misconception that yoga or stretching is only for women because they are more 'flexible' -  men cannot be blamed  for thinking this since most of the yoga and stretching classes are filled with women!  To add to it all the photographs promoting yoga and stretching show extremely flexible people in different postures which will also definitely off putting. 

Please note it is not a prerequisite to be flexible if you want to attend a stretching class, you will, however, get more flexible from stretching.  Like anything else it does take time for the muscles to relax and then it's a process that happens over time, with many other wonderful side benefits!

Yoga was developed by men over 5 000 years ago and more and more sportsmen (rugby players included) are realising the benefits of including a stretching routine in their training sessions.  There are also other aspects of stretching that are of benefit even if you are a sportsman or not, one of them being the mental focus and concentration that is required on the sports field which is definite byproduct of a regular practice. 

In addition, exercise or most types of sports, burns off energy while during a stretching class, your body is replenished with energy and thus renews rather than depletes. This means you have more energy to get through each day and deal with the stress that comes your way.

Regardless of anything else, a great motivator for attending a weekly stretching class is that you will feel great for the whole week, sleep better and will learn to take stress in your stride.

Some benefits from attending classes are:

  • improves flexibility enabling range of motion in joints

  • moves toxins from the muscles into the bloodstream to be released

  • assists in lengthening tight hamstrings which shorten from sport

  • relaxes and re-energises the body

  • reduces the risk of injury

  • keeps muscles strong and healthy

  • release stress and tension

  • feel calmer and more focused

Can you believe this list, who could resist not adding a stretching class to their weekly program to benefit from an all round approach to caring for your mind and body?



Mondays 7pm - 8.15pm
Places are limited so book soon.
Karen Pattie
Monday 7.00pm to 8.15pm. Gentle Yoga classes (maximum 12 in a class). Starting Monday, 20th January to Monday, 30th March 2020. No class on Monday, 27th January 2020 T...
Gentle Yoga Classes - Monday
1 hr 15 min

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