Gentle yoga class


Taught with a focus on physical and mental wellbeing, this class is a gentle but effective approach to stretching and strengthening your body and slowing down your mind.

Designed for both men and women, to allow you the time and space to calm your thoughts, reconnect with your breath, and gently move your body. Whether you are a beginner, recovering from an injury, or an advanced yogi, gentle yoga can help support your body, mind and soul, with options given for varying levels of experience and ability. There is no need to be flexible, have the latest yoga pants, or even own a yoga mat - all you need is your body, mind and a gentle curiosity.

Each class includes breath work and a variety of accessible yoga poses, before we sink into meditation and deep relaxation. With regular practice, yoga can help you feel calmer, clearer and stronger - physically, mentally and emotionally.

The class is specifically timed in the evening to allow you to attend to your personal, parenting, work, or other duties and then turn your attention to one of your most important responsibilities –your wellbeing.

While strong exercise burns off energy, a gentle yoga class can replenish energy, giving you more capacity to tackle the complexities of life.

Adding a gentle yoga class to your weekly routine can also:

  • improve flexibility and range of motion in joints

  • release toxins

  • keeps muscles strong and healthy

  • help lengthen tight muscles

  • reduce the risk of injury

  • release stress and tension

  • relax and re-energise your body

  • help you feel more focused

Everything you need is supplied, so join us on Thursday evenings as we tune out of the momentum of life…and reap the benefits far beyond your 75 minutes on the yoga mat.

Gentle Yoga Class Details

Classes and Times

Gentle Yoga Class - Thursday

Class Format:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
Thursdays: 7.00 - 8.15pm


Gentle Yoga Class - Thursday

Price for the term block is: 10 week term: $230 Casual : $25


Gentle Yoga Class - Thursday

2022 Term Dates: Term 1: Thursday, 27th January to Thursday, 31st March 2022 (10 weeks) Term 2: Thursday, 21st April to Thursday, 23rd June 2022 (10 weeeks) Term 3: Thursday, 14th July to Thursday 15th, September 2022 (10 weeks) Term 4: Thursday, 6th October to Thursday, 8th December 2022 (10 weeks)


Gently stretch and strengthen your body and slow your mind


Karen Pattie

Class ~ Gentle  yoga

Karen has been teaching yoga for 13 years and a student of yoga for 30 years.  Her main focus is to make yoga accessible to everyone no matter what gender, age, size or condition they are in.  Her aim is to take the stigma away of someone only doing yoga if they are flexible or in shape, as she sees it rather as an opportunity to open the door to feeling better about yourself.

“So much about the journey of yoga is a parallel to our journey in life and we can learn about ourselves in these quiet moments.”  She encourages her students to honour how they feel and listen to their body’s needs.