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If you could think of five things that you would like to achieve, would some of them be?

  • De-stress and improve well-being

  • Experience deep relaxation and take time out for yourself

  • Find out what really makes you happy

  • Not sweat the small stuff

  • Gain mental clarity

Meditation is a technique that is used to calm the restlessness of the mind. Our minds are constantly thinking − whether it is planning what needs to be done, worrying about what has happened or fearing what lies ahead.

It is at these times that meditating is most beneficial because the ego, as the organised part of our personality structure, is mainly in control, deciding what thoughts
we think.

These thoughts are usually wide-ranging and can change rapidly. For example, in a short space of time you could have warm thoughts about someone you love or a pet, angry thoughts about a past injustice, and practical thoughts about what to include on a shopping list. One minute you might be focused on work, and then your thoughts shift to plans for the weekend or worries about money. This transition is so fast that often you don’t know how it happened.

Being in a constant state of mental flux leads to increased stress and, over time, has a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. In this state, you are less likely to make rational and sensible decisions and can easily over react to an event. In addition, the constant changes in our environment affect our thoughts and reality so that, with habitual thinking, our personality becomes moulded into what most occupies our mind.


As part of a community, we are also affected by what those around us think – family, partners, colleagues - and the media. We can get so lost that eventually we may not even know which are thoughts are our own or who we really are.


Rather than let your thoughts control you, you can learn to control them. Take time to increase your awareness of what you are thinking so that you can focus on the subjects of your choice. By taking the time to quieten your thoughts, your mind and body releases the stress and tension it carries. This in turn slows your breathing rate, reduces blood pressure and hypertension and enables you to free your thoughts from negativity and worry.

In addition, by meditating you get to know yourself better. You take the time to observe what you are feeling and experiencing and also what, or who, pushes your buttons!  This is how you take your power back from others and have control over yourself and your life! 

In our 3-hour meditation workshop learn about the essence of meditation, its numerous benefits and, most importantly, how to meditate.  Places are limited so book soon.

Learn about the essence of meditation, its numerous benefits and, most importantly, how to meditate in a 3-hour workshop.
Karen Pattie


Karen Pattie - owner and teacher at Numala Forest Retreat in Bonogin

Karen Pattie

Karen started her own meditation practice over 20 years ago when she was taught Transcendental Meditation (TM).  TM is a silent mantra meditation that was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over 50 years ago.  Since then she has explored and experienced many other meditation techniques and believes that it is not a case of 'One style fits all'.  "Since we are wired differently it makes sense that we will find our individual style".


Karen encourages her students to experience the many different meditation techniques available and then to settle with the one that works the best, with the knowledge that even that will change as your meditation practice deepens. 


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