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Sound Bath Meditation & Healing

It’s hard to believe that meditation is a natural state of the mind and that we all have an innate capacity to meditate.  The mind has two things going on: one is the monkey mind that is constantly distracted by thoughts, emotions, and sensations, pulling us in all directions. The other is that it enjoys peace and stillness and desires to turn within to access quietness.

The purpose of meditation is to teach our minds to experience this inner freedom at all times.  This is done by knowing ‘the self’ no matter what we go through and no matter what we are experiencing – good or bad.

As we witness and observe what distracts us, we can change the way we experience these distractions and then in turn the way we experience ourselves.  In this empowered state we get to determine how we interact and move through every day, creating the reality we want.

Sound Healing with a Singing Ring® at Numala

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A Singing Ring® is a relatively recent innovation from Japan and is hand-crafted from crystal-infused metal. Its unique composition facilitates the absorption of lower vibrational energies while simultaneously recharging your body with pure and clean energy. Its perfect harmonic overtones allow the meditator to access deep states of relaxation and inner peace and are backed up by scientific brainwave observation research.

During a healing sound bath meditation, you will feel the difference compared to any other meditation method you have experienced. The resonance of the beautiful harmonic overtones lasts for about 135 seconds - there are no instruments like this in the world.

Since Singing Ring® bowls are tuned the same when playing one Singing Ring®, other Singing Ring® bowls begin to resonate to create harmonic overtones. This is known as the “Sound Resonance Phenomena” and creates a mystical atmosphere.

​​​​The sound of a Singing Ring® can support healing, bringing harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Sound Healing Offerings

Private Sound Healing

$165 for 90 minutes

Experience a transformational experience with Nicole, as she guides and supports you through this journey of the combined healing effects of the Singing Ring®, Acutonics®, and Biofield Tuning:    

The benefits of a private session:

  • The opportunity to identify the root cause

  • Focused and heart-centred attention on supporting your needs

  • Individually tailored for your healing 

  • Targeted recharging of your vibrational field

  • Specific aura cleanse

  • A one-on-one connection

  • A wide range of ailments addressed

Monthly Sound Baths

$49.50 for 90-minute class

The Sound Bath meditation provides the healing experience of reconnecting the self with the body, enabling deep rest, and cultivating relaxation.

These magical bowls offer a profound medicine as their sound and vibration fill the space, initiating deep relaxation and brain wave coherence.

During the meditation class, the bowls are placed and played on the body facilitating the vibrations to sink deep into the body, with a transformative effect on a cellular level.

Package Deal

$495 for 3 x 90 minute

sessions + FREE Bonus Treatment 

Sound healing is a complementary therapy that can profoundly improve your wellbeing by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. 


Although you will feel a marked difference after a single healing, each session builds upon the previous one and having at least three (to six) sessions leads to a deeper and lasting change. 


Since sound works on the energy of the body, multiple sessions support, activate and your innate healing, guiding you back to balance and health.   

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Meet Our Sound Healers
Aiko Tawasaki - Group Classes

Ayako has been playing the Singing Ring® for over 11 years.  Ayako is an accredited Singing Ring® therapist, instructor and performer.  She is passionate about helping others heal as well as being committed to train other facilitators in this growing industry.

Nicole TJ - Private sessions

From her first experience with the Singing Ring®, Nicole knew she wanted to become a facilitator of these magical healing bowls and share the wonderful benefits she had experienced. A mother of two beautiful girls, Nicole is dedicated to support people heal from the inside out with this healing modality combined with her energy healing gifts.

Interested in Sound Healing?

Book your sound bath below.

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