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What Is Gematria?

Gematria or Egyptian Numerology is a Science and an Art teaches you to access information about the deeper meaning of your life. This ancient wisdom teaches you to identify the powerful forces that underlie the frequency of your numbers, giving you a greater understanding of yourself, and your psyche and in turn, guiding you towards your true potential.


There are Universal Laws that govern each number, and by learning to decipher the code using Gematria, you will be shown your purpose, the growth you are here to experience, as well as reveal how you can achieve higher levels of consciousness in this lifetime.   

This vital information is encoded in your birth name and your date of birth. When these numbers are decoded, doors to new frontiers of possibilities are opened to help turn challenges into pivotal opportunities.

Gematria identifies your number frequencies so that you can shift into a higher plane of consciousness. With this knowledge and ancient wisdom, alchemy takes place transforming obstacles into growth points, showing you what is possible to achieve in this lifetime as you self-realise and live with an open loving heart

How Will I Benefit from Gematria?

As you expand your consciousness, you will also attract the highest

possible outcomes in the 8 areas of your life which are: 

  • personality

  • body/health

  • mind/thoughts

  • spirit

  • heart/relationships

  • consciousness

  • life purpose/destiny​

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to create your personal Gematria Report using your date of birth and your birth name

  • Discover the eight aspects of your being: personality, mind, body, spirit, soul, at heart, consciousness, and life force

  • How to create your colour chart incorporating your personality, psyche, and potential of each aspect

  • Uncover your life purpose

  • Compatibility with your partner/potential partner

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Interested in Gematria?

Book your workshop or class at Numala below

Meet The Teacher
Karen Pattie

Karen holds the following certifications; Masters Degree in Reiki and Seichim, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Diploma in Eastern Iridology, Diploma in Reflexology.  She is a Certified Life Coach, Empowerment Coach, and Shamanic and energetic healer.

Karen has lived in Australia for the past fifteen years and is the founder of the R.A.R.E. transformation , a life changing and personal transformational experience that enables you not only easily access your deep beliefs but to shed them freeing you from feeling stuck and trapped. She started her yoga and TM (transcendental meditation) practice over twenty five years ago, and has been teaching yoga for the past 14 years. 

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