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"There is something magical about Numala Forest Retreat that you will feel the moment you meander down the
tree-lined driveway and across the creek"

“While spending many years in the corporate environment and then in my own business, I noticed that I put myself and my relaxation time at the bottom of the list.  I got so caught up in getting things done and looking after everyone else that I lost my sense of peacefulness and with that, I lost myself.  I decided then to make it a priority to gather all the knowledge and skills so that I could once again access the inner stillness I longed for.”


It was an arduous journey over many years, as I explored and experienced many different programs, courses and teachings to find the answers I was searching for. The search ultimately culminated in the creation of my own transformational program R.A.R.E. (Review.Accept.Release.Empower).    

After its completion, I was inspired to create a special place where men and woman could go to on a regular basis to experience and access a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility for themselves.  A space that would accelerate their journey as well as provide a safe haven to completely retreat and relax. And so began my hunt for the perfect location to build my vision where guests immediately begin to relax in the cool, clean air and never want to leave.


The result is Numala Forest Retreat, hidden in eight acres of breathtaking fauna and flora, right on your doorstep.     

Karrin Pattie

Join us or bring a friend to experience all that

Numala Forest Retreat has to offer.

We cannot wait to share this special place with you!

Call Karrin on 0435 169 474 or email

120 Davenport Drive  |  Bonogin | Queensland

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