Will I be able to complete the YOGA session?

​Yoga is not competitive as it allows you work at your own pace, listening to your body, gradually encouraging it to

stretch and strengthen when it’s ready.

The classes offered are suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility as well as all ages. 

You are never too old, unfit or out of shape to start yoga.




What can I expect from each YOGA session?

There are many different types of yoga available and I am sure it is a challenge to know which style is best for you. At Numala Forest Retreat we practice Hatha Yoga and our classes consist of more than just the physical postures (asanas). We also offer the added benefit of meditation, directed receptive imaging and breathing exercises (pranayama). The breathing techniques we practise not only focus on strengthening your lungs, they also assist the body to relax and let go of tension, thus enhancing your ability to deal with stressful situations.  This combination of different activities serve to deeply rejuvenate your whole body, leaving you feeling fresh and enlivened. The result is a calm mind which comes from the connection between our breath, emotions and mind enabling a clearer and more focused approach to life.

Unique to Numala Forest Retreat

In addition to the 'typical' style hatha yoga class offered, Numala Forest Retreat also has its own 'deluxe' style.  Unlike anything else offered on the Gold Coast, the deluxe yoga classes offer a unique experience.  Each one and a half hour class starts off with:

  • An individual reflexology treatment (foot massage)

  • Followed by a grounding and centering exercise

  • Clients are then guided through some breathing exercises (pranayama)

  • Next are the physical postures (asanas) and then into

  • a 15 minute meditation,

  • Closing with a one on one energy healing.

Due to the personalised nature of these classes numbers are limited.









Karen Pattie

Class ~ Deluxe Hatha and Restorative yoga


Karen has been teaching yoga for 9 eight years and a student of yoga for 25 years.  Her main focus is to make yoga accessible to everyone no matter what gender, age, size or con6ition they are in.  Her aim is to take the stigma away of thinking you can only doing yoga if you are flexible or in shape as she sees it rather as an opportunity to open the door to feeling better about yourself. “So much about the journey of yoga is a parallel to our journey in life and we can learn about ourselves in these quiet moments.”  She encourages her students to honour how they feel and listen to their body’s needs.

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