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  • Tracey Jones

Embarking on a 30-Day Ceremonial Cacao Journey: Discovering Heartfelt Connection and Inner Peace

Updated: Jun 16

In the ever-evolving world of wellness and holistic health, some trends come and go, while others stand the test of time. Remember the flashy era of fluorescent Lycra, the dubious cabbage diet, or the 6-minute abs routine? But practices like yoga, meditation, and breathwork continue to endure, proving their lasting value and relevance.

In my practice as a shamanic energy healer, plant medicine has only recently become a focal point of my exploration and transformation. It's intriguing to note how Ayahuasca ceremonies have spread far beyond their Amazonian origins, captivating seekers worldwide. When I began my shamanic training, people would often ask if I would delve into the realm of the 'vine of the spirits,' yearning for that deep, mystical connection to the divine that plant medicine can offer. I confess I have not explored the realms that are the promise of Ayahuasca.

Recently, Ceremonial Cacao has emerged as a growing area of interest in the realm of plant medicine. This sacred plant seemed to call out to me, appearing everywhere—both online (okay, so it might have been the algorithm) and in my heart. Feeling a profound pull toward its nurturing essence, I decided to dedicate myself to a 30-day ceremonial cacao challenge. This journey was not just about the plant itself but about deepening my spiritual practices and connecting with the energies of spirit and Pachamama (Mother Earth).

I was fortunate to discover The Mayan Wisdom Project, a platform of authentic knowledge and respect for ancient traditions. Their commitment to reviving and sharing Indigenous wisdom through Ceremonial Cacao resonated deeply with me. Through their online cacao training, I learned to honour this sacred plant, understand its preparation, and engage with its medicine in a mindful, respectful manner. Their teachings guided me to use organic, sustainably sourced cacao and to approach each ritual with gratitude and reverence. You can explore more about their work at

For 30 days, I immersed myself in this transformative experience, following the guidance with devotion. As a beginner, I started with small doses, especially cautiously since I had previously eliminated caffeine from my diet. Each day, I prepared my cacao with care and intention:

  • Using a stone mortar and pestle to create the shavings.

  • Measuring the recommended dosage precisely.

  • Choosing a sacred cup dedicated solely to my cacao ritual.

  • Mixing the cacao with warm, not boiling, water.

  • Invoking the sacred archetypes of the shamans to bless the mixture and create a sacred space.

  • Offering a portion of the prepared cacao to the earth as an expression of gratitude and connection.

Even amidst a busy schedule and travels, I remained committed to this daily practice. The rich, earthy aroma of cacao filled my home from its dedicated space on my shamanic altar, creating a nurturing and grounding atmosphere. Within a week, I noticed a profound shift in my inner world. The chatter in my mind quieted, my heart space felt more relaxed, and I became more open to divine guidance, meditation, and simply 'being.' The anxious undercurrents of life began to ease, and I found myself navigating stress and challenges with greater calm and balance.

As someone who also holds an executive role in a global company, the pressures of corporate life are a constant companion. Yet, this journey with Ceremonial Cacao provided a sanctuary amidst the pressure and pace. I learned to breathe, to ground myself, and to find stillness even in the whirlwind. This sacred plant taught me to let go of the relentless push for 'faster, better, louder' that often defines modern success. Instead, I tuned into the gentle voice of my heart, fostering compassion for myself and those around me. I feel I can say, I became kinder, more patient, and more connected to the present moment.

If you are considering embracing this sacred plant medicine, here are my heartfelt recommendations:

1.    Learn About Your Cacao: Choose products that are organic and sustainably sourced. Understand where and how your cacao is produced, and support suppliers who honour earth-friendly practices.

2.    Set a Clear Intention: Reflect on why you want to work with Ceremonial Cacao and approach it with mindful respect. Remember, it is a potent medicine.

3.    Incorporate Prayer and Gratitude: Bringing prayer into your practice enhances the blessings and empowerment of your engagement. Extend your prayers beyond your own needs to encompass the greater good of our planet and all its inhabitants.

4.    Think Beyond Yourself: Acknowledge that our fate is intertwined with the fate of the earth. Cultivate a practice of gratitude and love that extends to the broader community of life, including plants, animals, and the energies that sustain our blue planet.

My intention for this journey was simple: to open my heart more. Through these 30 days, I discovered a deeper connection, a sense of peace, and a profound gratitude for the wisdom and support that accompanied me. Ceremonial Cacao has become a cherished ally in my ongoing quest for spiritual growth and well-being.

I invite you to explore this beautiful practice and experience its magic for yourself. With a heart full of gratitude, I share my journey and encourage you to embark on your path with Ceremonial Cacao. May it bring you the same blessings of love, balance, and inner peace that I have found.




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