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You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece


You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece


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to Numala

Nestled in a native blue gum forest only 12 minutes from Robina town centre, Numala Wellness Retreat is a holistic wellness centre with a range of offerings to help you find a deep sense of inner peace, tranquillity and connection. 

Whether it's personal transformation you are looking for, or simply an opportunity to relax, de-stress, and enjoy some peace and quiet, Numala offers workshops, classes, healings, and retreats to support you on your wellness journey. ​​

Find Your Peace


Are you longing to escape from a full life which can sometimes feel chaotic and burdened with responsibilities?   

We live at a fast pace with little time to draw a breath or focus on ourselves, and left unattended can change us over time. Even feeling tired, demotivated, and withdrawn from the joys of life can gradually manifest into major roadblocks, whether in your relationships, finances, career, or physical sickness, signalling we have pushed too far and moved away from peace and the ability to live a nourished and fulfilled life.

At Numala Wellness Retreat we have carefully curated a space for you to draw a deep breath and bring peace in your life. It is a place where you can escape, unwind, relax, and reset to fill yourself with the vitality needed to live a little differently than when you arrived.

Numala Wellness Retreat has specially crafted retreats and services hosted by nurturing holistic facilitators and therapists who connect to your unique story - so you get to leave feeling restored and renewed with a little more peaceful purpose to your life and help you heal from deep within.

We love ‘stepping into quiet’ and invite you to find peace with us - our team can’t wait to meet you.


Here's what you can expect at a Numala Wellness Retreat:

•    Deluxe and Gentle yoga classes
•    Restorative morning retreats
•    Sound healing and meditation classes
•    Half and full day yoga and breathwork retreats
•    Transformational mentoring
•    Shamanic workshops, healings and ceremonies
•    Energy Kinesiology and Bowen Therapy 
•    Psychic Mediumship
•    Home and land clearing
•    Energy workshops 

"I was 'over' work and caring for ill friends and felt that yoga might help me cope better. After starting classes with Karen my well-being improved. I feel I cope better now and am much more relaxed.


My ability to concentrate has also improved and physically my health is much better.  I also find that the beautiful and tranquil surroundings at Numala Forest Retreat make me feel very relaxed and I sometimes get the feeling of 'dreaming off'.

Karen is a wonderful, caring yoga teacher"

KS, Yoga

Our Venue

The retreat consists of a luxuriously large (80m2) air-conditioned main studio, consult and healing room with bathroom and kitchen facilities; plus a large wrap around veranda overlooking a lawned garden that beckons towards a rainforest creek.

The property has three creeks, one of which runs the length of the property through lush rainforest, over rock pools to a six-metre waterfall. Following the creek upstream for 100 metres into the nature reserve, it leads to a second, 12 metre waterfall.


Be Part Of The Community 

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