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A yin yoga, mantra chanting and sound meditation retreat created with love to support you to open into more of what you are

What is Yin Yoga?


Yin yoga is based on the ancient Tao principles of yin and yang.  They are in essence both complementary yet opposing forces with the yin being the concept that embraces the feminine and passive aspect, while yang is the active, masculine and changing aspect.

Yin encompasses oneness and harmony within and with nature, and this style of yoga involves holding floor postures for longer periods of time while engaging in breathwork. Even though it is passive, it is still incredibly powerful as it focuses on the deep connective tissue of the body, like your joints, bones, ligaments and fascia networks, working mainly the hips, pelvis, lower spine and inner thigh areas.

The practice generally starts and ends in Savasana, the resting posture that prepares and cultivates the practice. Interestingly, although a Yin practice may look quite sedentary, it can be quite challenging until the body and mind connect and the body releases into the deep stretch.

When postures are held from three to five minutes, the flight and fight system is deactivated, repressing the production of adrenaline into the system, so that your body can begin to heal and rejuvenate.   During this time the myofascial meridians are stimulated to assist in removing blockages to balance organs and internal systems, and the connective tissue stretches as the muscles relax.

This deeply grounding practice soothes the nervous system and calms the mind, creating space for our thoughts to quieten, and emotions, disturbances and feelings to surface so that we can live and respond from a more centred space.  

Yin yoga also creates the space for self-connection and reflection while offering the opportunity to practice loving self-compassion.  This happens with being mindful and aware of the body, enabling nourishment of the soul and the therapeutic benefit of relaxation. Holding each posture generates deeper healing by being present with what is, accessing peace and stillness that is always available to us - it is at this point that the magic happens.

The purpose of Yin Yoga is to restore our natural ability to move with fluidity and thus targets our fascia.

Is it effective?


We are all familiar with the ‘flight and fight” response which is the activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System, and together with the “rest and digest”, the Parasympathetic Nervous System, makes up the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).  As the name implies it generally acts unconsciously and is responsible for regulating our heart rate, respiratory system, digestion to name but a few.  Both systems play an important role in our health and well-being, yet in our modern society and especially when navigating challenging times, like that of the past two years, our sympathetic nervous system is more frequently triggered leading to some negative health consequences.

Although there is no scientific evidence that yoga affects the nervous system, some research done in Sweden looked at the relationship with mindfulness, Yin yoga, worry and stress.  The findings from this first scientific study that evaluated the effects of Yin Yoga, called YOMI, revealed that yin yoga, especially when accompanied with pranayama, slows breathing and the heart rate and activates the rest and digest system facilitating the body to shift into a relaxed state, and generally gives real benefits.

Benefits of a Yin Practice

It is the while in the parasympathetic mode that we get to rejuvenate and replenish our bodies, giving our over worked organs an opportunity to heal and repair, as the flow of nutrients and energy is improved through the application of mild stress to the joints.

Yin yoga teaches us to be free of expectations and of what each pose will bring, engendering an acceptance and act of surrender which can be taken off the mat into our lives, making us more resilient.

Since Yin yoga effectively activates the Parasympathetic nervous system, it provides the body with many benefits, some of which are:

* Releases fascia

* Enhances joint lubrication and mobility

* Improves flexibility

* Increases circulation

* Balances and calms body and mind

* Reduces stress and tension

* Increases energy flow or chi to the organs

* Detoxifies

* Hydrates tissue and muscle

Who is it for?

For those that are tired and needing more energy, and if you are over-stimulated.

As with all our yoga classes everyone is different and we encourage you to go at your own pace and listen to your body.

Presented by Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson


Mantra Meditation


Vedic in nature, Mantra’s are said to lift the believer towards higher levels of consciousness and their higher self.  These powerful Sanskrit sound elements are permanent entities and can be transformational, providing us with strength to attain our dreams and goals.

During this retreat you will get to understand the meanings of sacred mantras and experience the power of their vibration. While chanting OM, for example, the Primordial Sound of the Universe that reverberates in the entire cosmos and in every cell of our body, it acts as a cleansing agent for our body, removing negativity, negative blocks and toxicity from our body and mind.

When you recite mantras, it is said that can access your inner consciousness opening to receive an increased flow of life force energy as your brain cells get activated, you tend to become more open to receive this positive energy.  


Presented by Virginie Russo

Sound Healing Bio Photo.JPG

Sound bath Healing Meditation


As we move into the time of the day, when our body is busy absorbing and digesting nutrients, and we feel sleepy, soak up and immerse yourself up in the enchanting healing journey.

Lead by Saida as she guides you through an inner peace meditation and then continues with a healing sound experience featuring her unique sounds of gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, sansula, shurti box, rain drum, tuning forks, bells and chimes.


Your journey will take you into a relaxed state where you will be able to fully absorb the healing frequencies of the reverberating instruments, while being transcended by Saida's ethereal singing. The experience will help you shift your reality and evolve into your highest frequency wave of love, light, peace and creativity. 

Sound healing is the use of sacred instruments and voice to release energetic blockages, inducing a state of ease and harmony in our mental, emotional & physical body, promote energy flow, circulation and rejuvenation. It lower stress levels, mood swings and improve sleep, treat anxiety, depression, PTSD the benefits are endless.

Sound can shift frequencies from low energy like grief and fear to high frequencies of joy and love.

Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our body.


Presented by Saida Jusic

Our yin yoga, mantra chanting and sound meditation retreat is created with love to support you to open into more of what you are.

Places are limited so book soon.




Rachel has taught classes and retreats at Numala for over 4 years, and prior to that at a well-known studio in Brisbane.  She has practised yoga for over 20 years and is always deepening her knowledge. She has trained and taught hatha, yin, restorative, yoga nidra, prenatal, and kids yoga, along with completing advanced training in cueing and adjusting.  

Yoga is her biggest passion. Her other passion is family and as a mum to 2 girls (with a corporate job) she finds that yoga helps bring balance and self-nurturing to her busy life. Her own personal mantra is 'see the world through love and light'. Through yoga, meditation and mindfulness, taught from the heart, she hopes to spread a little more love and light throughout our community and feels honoured to be able to share the mental, spiritual and emotional benefits of yoga in this retreat. 

virginir phot 2.jpg

Virginie Russo

Hi! My name is Virginie, I’m a yoga teacher and the mother of two wonderful children. I’m passionate about Ayurvedic psychology, mantra meditation, restorative yoga and Reiki.  With all my heart, I want to share with you the valuable insights I’ve received from these various practices. I thrive on helping people transform their lives through yoga and meditation. I believe that yoga offers us a means to heal from past wounds and to overcome life's challenges. As a fun-loving nurturer by nature, my gentle approach to healing is aimed at bringing a sense of calm and grounding to my students.

Classes / Workshops


Saida Event.JPG

Saidi Jusic

Saida Jusic has been helping support people from all parts of the world for over 25 years to awaken, shift, and transform their lives. She holds a diploma in sound healing / therapy.  Saida is a Celestial Heart Activator and light code specialist, natural born healer and grid worker. With her unique intuitive/clairvoyant nature, her passion is to help activate peace and love in the world. After spending 19 years in Canada and travelling parts of North America, she is now back home on the Gold Coast to spread love & light and continue her mission.

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