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​I have known Karen for about 6 years.  I see Karen once a week for relaxation and stretching.  I have three children and find I am a very busy mum.  I look forward to my one morning a week with Karen as she makes it a special time for me.  Karen is a very compassionate and caring person, her gentle voice is very soothing and helps me feel peaceful and relaxed.  Karen is very good at adapting the stretches to suit all ages and abilities within our class.  When leaving my class I feel so refreshed and energized, my mind is so much more relaxed ready to face my busy day ahead.

Karen is a lovely empathetic person and always has time for everyone, my life has benefited immensely from going to Karen’s classes and I will to continue to do so indefinitely.



Some time ago I heard of a person in my neighbourhood who was commencing yoga classes for 'mature' ladies. In past times I had been very disappointed with various gym memberships around the coast because of lack of value for money, but particularly in lack of personal attention and care.  Although very sceptical, I fitted into this category so I made further inquiries. Karen was the provider and she lived close by and was holding the classes in her home (which has recently moved to her new centre). Very convenient! And suitable fees with flexibility (without that awful lock- in forever type contract).

That was close to eight years ago and today, as a committed class member, I have much pleasure in complimenting Karen for the quality of her lessons which are always well prepared and full of variety. I very much enjoy the stretching and relaxation exercises. Significantly Karen employs differentiation, making special effort to make the exercises suitable for individual class members.  While Karen is full of enthusiasm for all aspects of yoga, I would recommend the regular exercises of breathing and stretching as suitable for all ages. In today's world of frenzied activity, some gentle relaxation skills through breathing and stretching which Karen can provide would be of considerable benefit to 'stressed' teenagers in particular.



I was 'over' work and caring for ill friends and felt that yoga might help me cope better. After starting classes with Karen my well-being improved. I feel I cope better now and am much more relaxed. My ability to concentrate has also improved and physically my health is much better.  I also find that the beautiful and tranquil surroundings at Numala Forest Retreat make me feel very relaxed and I sometimes get the feeling of 'dreaming off'.

Karen is a wonderful, caring yoga teacher.



I had put Yoga on hold for some years, as my focus was on boot camp twice weekly trying to stay fit, on top of full time work commitments, being housewife and mum that I couldn’t make time for anything else, until recently I returned back to Karen’s Yoga, when I learnt that she had relocated and built this beautiful retreat in ‘the forest’.

My weekly yoga class on Tuesday evenings is my highlight of the week leading up to it.  Upon entering Karen’s property and driving through ‘the forest’, I already start to feel a sense of calm before entering her yoga retreat.  What I look forward to as I enter the room is the soft lighting of candles, relaxation music and all the props you need to make the start of your yoga session as relaxing as you need and on top of this is Karen’s introduction to the yoga class with her reflexology, this alone has already prepared me for the next journey into the lesson with Karen’s meditation.  I find myself drifting into another place and anything else that has been on my mind is left behind. There have been incidents where I have drifted into such a relaxed state that Karen has had to gently awaken me to prepare me for my journey back home.  Times like these, don’t happen often, yet each time I leave my yoga classes I have a sense of peace and a smile from ear to ear and I look forward to the challenges in my week ahead and look so forward to Tuesday evening yoga class to come around again.



I have been attending Karen’s Yoga classes for 2 years and with her expert and caring guidance have come to be able to truly relax and unwind during her classes. 

She blends the physical with relaxation so that as well as getting a great workout for your body you also manage to still your mind and relax so that after a class you feel totally rejuvenated and energised.

She is very caring and supportive and even though it is a class setting still focuses on each individual and supports their unique abilities.

I have no hesitation in recommending her for both her Yoga classes and her lovely, caring nature.



Restorative Yoga Workshop

Karen's Restorative Yoga workshop is a beautiful treat for your mind and body. I was still relaxed for days afterwards!


Mens Stretching Class

I just want to thank you for providing the men’s stretching classes at your beautiful retreat called Numala. I was looking for options to help with the healing and strengthening of my back after an injury. I had lost a lot of motion, range, flexibility and strength. Your stretching classes were recommended to me. I was told that the classes were for tradie type men so I thought I’d try it out. I was abit hesitant to go initially not know what to expect. Once I did my first class, I knew I was in the right place.

I have been attending your classes weekly since the start of this year and I feel that the improvement in the strength and motion of my back, can be contributed to doing the weekly stretching classes with you. It’s not only stretching, I feel it has also supported improving my core strength. I really also enjoy and look forward to the breathing exercises at the start and the relaxing part at the end of each session. Not is it only good for my back it’s good for my headspace. In fact, I sneezed the other day and for the first time in at least a year, I didn’t feel the stabbing sharp pain that I have felt every other time. I put this down to all the rehab I have being doing, which the stretching classes are an essential part of that program.

As a result of the classes, I feel more confident about the stability of my back and the muscles that support it. I definitely feel less pain and more flexibility every time I have a class. 

Thank you Karen and I look forward to next terms classes.



I have been attending the men’s stretching class since beginning of 2018.  I decided to attend with a view to help with chronic back pain.  I have found the classes terrific.  They have definitely helped with my back pain.  I have also found the meditation section of the classes really helpful.  Meditation is something that I have never really valued in the past.  I find it great to be able put all your thoughts to the side and just relax.  This is something I cannot do whilst at home or work.  Highly recommend the class.




Sensory Energy Healing

I first saw Karen as she was recommended to me as being a brilliant healer, who was able to access levels that most therapists can’t get to. When I saw her, I couldn’t bear any weight on my right knee. I literally woke up one day and couldn’t walk. Within minutes of my session, Karen pulled out blocked energy that was associated to a deep fear I had around moving forward with a new business idea I was considering. I felt the relief immediately and by that afternoon I was walking again. I have not suffered from any symptoms again and in fact I am now in the throes of a blossoming new start-up business. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Karen for getting me past my fear wall. 

Mary M - Brisbane 


I have been doing bobcat work on Karen's property and have always suffered with back ache. Karen asked me one day if my back aching again and I replied that it was. She asked if I had time that afternoon so she could help give me some relief with a healing session so I said I would give it a go. At first when we started the session and discussed my issues I was a little bit sceptical whether this was going to help. We finished our session and Karen said to see how I go.

The next day I was amazed my back pain had eased. Karen sent me a message to ask how I was feeling and I told her I couldn't believe the pain had eased! Since my first visit I have been back a few times to discuss why I suffer so much from pain and since having these discussions with Karen I am feeling a lot better within myself. I also had a neck pain issue that I was treating with massage, chiro and acupuncture for 3 weeks with no success. I asked Karen if she could have a look at my neck pain.  I did not feel much relief the next day, the second day I felt a little better and by the third day my neck pain had disappeared - I could not have believe this has happened. I don't know how this works, but it works for me! In my occupation, I am always suffering pain but since I have been visiting Karen for healing sessions, I have been feeling so much better within myself and also physically.

I can’t thank Karen enough for the help she has given me.



It was suggested to me by a friend that I go for a healing as I was feeling lost in life  - I was lucky enough to be guided to Karen.  I’d been through absolute hell and after the healing felt as if I was a completely different person.  I came out of the healing with clarity and felt empowered to take control of myself and make decisions for me; I’d been living for everyone but myself and holding onto so much hurt. I was given visions and the reassurance to trust my intuition and better yet, that the universe was supporting me to be the best version of myself.  I have made some huge decisions since my healing and I feel so relaxed with the life changes I’ve made.  I still have emotions but I am empowered to control them.



I was feeling overwhelmed by emotion and felt that I needed help in releasing them, it really felt like I needed to be freed of bad energy that I felt was trapped inside my body. After the healing with Karen, I immediately felt an emotional release and a sense clarity and comfort.  I literally felt as if my body was unfolding as I started to "let go" of some of what I had been holding onto.  Since the healing, the pain that I had been having quite intensely in my stomach has also reduced substantially and I felt comforted by the knowing that my pop was there and the association with my past. I still have a way to go and feel hope now that there is a way forward and don’t feel as stuck as I know change is possible - I just have to not fear where it will take me. 




R.A.R.E. One-on-One

With the R.A.R.E. program I got to find and then face the core emotional triggers of my problems. Karen is a coach who guides and supports you through the program to find unknown issues.  Once I found my emotional blocks I was able to face them head on and own these overpowering feelings.  I found it very challenging and confronting because of the pain and fear involved.  R.A.R.E., with Karen’s help enabled me to release and deal with the unwanted negative emotions I felt and heal within. After releasing and dealing with these emotions I was a happier and more light-hearted person! I felt liberated, joyful and healthy as my physical health issues were also resolved. Life became a better place and things, people were easier to deal with. Karen is a calm and knowledgeable person and keeps the consultations highly confidential and can be trusted.

I have been seeing Karen for eight years as new challenges come up that are too big or complicated for me to deal with.  With this program I have learnt how to know myself better and how to deal with situations better and better knowing that uneasy feelings and issues can be resolved. It’s not easy, however, the relief and results are amazing. I have grown to understand life better – situations with family, money and personal issues have been resolved when I thought I would stuck forever, wasting energy and time.  I have also seen psychologists; however, I did not get the same results.  My experience is that they do not let you face and deal with the core emotional problem.  They seem to give you tools but don’t make you own your emotions and work through them to release them.  The R.A.R.E. program and Karen for me have opened doors and liberated my life, I am in good health, enjoy vitality because I have balance in my life and harmonious space within myself.     

If you want to change your life and face your fears and deal with your emotions with help and support then I recommend Karen and the R.A.R.E. program. It works wonders!!!



I first started working with Karen based on a referral from a friend of mine who had been to see Karen for some coaching work.  When I met Karen I had been suffering with back pain for many years and went to see her, as I had heard that she was able to help people find and release emotional pain and blockages that they had accumulated through their lives through various life experiences.  I immediately felt welcome and relaxed in Karen’s company.  She came across as a very caring and compassionate person, as well as someone very knowledgeable in her field.  After a couple of sessions with Karen where she not only help me work through many traumatic experiences from the past, but she also equipped me with a number of tools and skills that I would be able to implement on my own.  She was enabling me to help myself in the future – a very valuable and worthwhile asset to have.  For the most part my back pain is now gone, and the times when it does appear, I am able to recognise the signs and patterns from the past and work to release anything that I am holding onto.

A few months later, I heard about a meditation series that Karen was going to be teaching over a 21 week period. To date I have attended 10 sessions, and they have all been very valuable and worthwhile sessions.

Karen is always well prepared and creates a welcoming and calming environment where you feel relaxed and at home.  She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and delivers a wonderful session each week.  The session is structured in a way that it provides you with information, a chance to relax and de-stress after a day’s work and then provides you with information to prepare you to focus for a period of quiet time where you can mediate. At the end of each meditation we are given an opportunity to ask questions and learn from Karen.

I would highly recommend this meditation work for anyone who is looking to calm and clear their mind and to provide themselves with a wonderful tool to de-stress and de-clutter their lives.  It has made a huge impact in my life and has helped me to deal with my everyday workload in a more productive and calm way.  I feel more centred and at peace.



I met Karen during what I would describe as the most painful time period of my life, just after my husband left me. I had hit rock bottom and in all honesty I didn’t know which way to turn. Karen’s coaching literally changed my life. It changed my outlook on how I perceived the world. The healing I experienced as I journeyed through my coaching with her was deep, healing me on a mind, body, and soul level. 

As a Clinical Psychologist myself, I have come across and participated in many forms of self-development and therapeutic practices, and I can honestly say that the internal work I did with Karen shifted me quicker, cleared old and stubborn childhood patterns, and supported me in becoming whole again.  Karen gave me the tools to change the parts of me that were no longer serving my higher self, manifest a new reality, and become independent in my healing journey. 

A Journey I am eternally grateful for.





I was facing problems with my partner, we were both having difficulty releasing emotions and pains that we had experienced throughout our relationship and it was causing me lots of anxieties and stress. 

The coaching has affected my life as I feel much freer from my pain and guilt and I have been given the tools to be able to handle my problems when they occur much more efficiently as opposed to holding onto them and continuing to feel pain and anxiety. For example, my partner left me not long after I began these sessions and the coaching helped me to deal with this and let go, releasing my stress and pain and being able to just let go of control and trust in the process that the best outcome will present itself naturally.

I feel much more positive and excited about my future, knowing I can better deal with my problems when they occur.


NS (20 years old)


R.A.R.E. Workshops

I had the feeling that I needed help to progress to a better spiritual place. I chose to work with Karen as I felt attracted to her beautiful energy - I had already planned to work with someone else but just knew when I met her, that I should work with her.

Karen has a unique, intuitive, healing ability that makes every session so valuable. Working with her developed my awareness of how to shift energies to help me move forward. It has given me the power to change unpleasant situations in every area of my life. I feel more empowered, calmer and able to influence the outcome of negative situations.

Now I feel more optimistic because the negativity around me was so oppressive - I felt as if I was wading through a swamp, but that energy has shifted, and I feel freer and lighter and able to move forward again. It's a relief to feel less scattered and disturbed.

Karen is such an amazing healer to work with. I hold her in very high esteem and strongly recommend her. I have also attended some yoga and meditation classes and I always leave feeling better.



I attended Karen's RARE workshop after having been made redundant twice in the last five years. I had vague feelings of being disconnected from work and career and had no idea what my next step should be, but put it down to 'burn-out'. For someone who always knew what next step to take, I felt a bit like a rabbit in the headlights! I also lacked the self-confidence and self-assurance I had always felt.

 Through the workshops I realised that my feeling of disconnection was really the way I in which I dealt with my feelings - I just stuffed them all down and that way felt that I was in control. As the workshop progressed, I was able to start peeling back the layers and facing my feelings, thus releasing them. During the course, Karen did a healing for me, helping release some of the feelings and the next day I was able to remove a ring from my finger that had previously not been possible as the joint was so enlarged!

I now have some tools to use to help me release feelings as they are brought up for me, and I know that it's ok to be vulnerable, and that when I feel something fully, I can let go of it and that has created a real sense of freedom!





* I have been attending Karen's meditation classes for only one month but in that short time, I have found Karen's teachings to be very rewarding and an excellent introduction into meditation and relaxation.  
* Karen creates a very warm, welcoming and calming environment and I have found the meditation sessions to be a very positive and much-needed relaxation experience.
* Karen's attention to detail in the sessions she delivers and the follow-up information she provides is very much appreciated and useful.


"Before I met Karen I was lost and angry after my separation and a friend suggested we do a three hour workshop with Karen. I, like most men, was sceptical but I knew I needed to change and I haven’t looked back.  Karen's approach is what makes the experience even better. Karen is someone that genuinely cares and all she wants is to pass on what she knows and what works. I felt at home and relaxed in her classes from the beginning. The whole course has made me really think now about how I act or react to many different events and situations good or bad. Before I was a confused and angry person but as time has past I have learned to relax and accept things for what they are and move on."



I have been a student of meditation with Karen Pattie during 2012.  As a teacher I have found her incredibly insightful, warm, knowledgeable, honest - the lessons have depth, and are enjoyable. I would recommend them to anyone of any age. The lessons are simple, common sense subjects that we all can do with.

My life has improved with better health (posture, breathing), better outlook with more positivity, and I am definitely more content, relaxed and calm.  My Christian beliefs have not been remotely challenged in any discussions or positions during this interaction.

I travel from Ashmore to Reedy Creek after work to attend these lessons, and intend to do so through 2013 as well.

​N K         


I have had the pleasure of attending Karen’s classes for the last 4 months and in that time have found the classes to be soul searching, empowering and uplifting. Often we go through the fast pace of life without stopping to take in what we are experiencing or questioning how we are actually feeling.  The structure of Karen’s course has opened my mind to look a little closer at myself, being true to myself and making time, to take time out, from the rat race of life.

Professionally Karen is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with people of all ages, being a mother of a school age child herself, she has been able to give some excellent advice from  calming the small toddler to looking at our own ego,   with meditation.   She is open minded, caring and goes that little extra to make sure you understand the lesson of the evening. 





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