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Energy healings draw on the ancient knowledge of using the life force energy or prana (also known as Chi or Ki) of the body and its natural ability to heal itself.

The human body is amazing and is equipped with its own self-healing system as it has its own intelligence and wisdom. You only have to think about how it heals a flesh wound, repairs broken bones, replaces lost toenails, returns to normal functioning after bacterial or viral infections  - as some of its many wonders. Health is its natural state and the body continually organises itself to achieve this state of balance.

​Science tells us that everything is made of vibrating matter or energy, including the human body. They have also discovered that a human energy field surrounds our physical body. Scientists have observed that this energy field comprises a number of layers which are also known as, or called, 'bodies'.  These bodies surround each other in successive layers and have been recorded to vibrate at a different frequency to our physical body.

Dis-ease or illness is when there is imbalance or disorder in these bodies (including the physical body) that is, when its life force energies are slow. You only have to think of how sluggish and lethargic you feel when you are ill, compared to how you feel when you are fit, healthy and well. 

Sensory Energy healing facilitates an increase in the flow of the life force energy in the body and directs it to the areas of illness and discomfort.  This in turn accelerates and activates the body's own healing system to help recreate balance and restore the body to its natural state of being.

During an intuitive Sensory Energy session, Karen will also access and clear any lower vibration emotions and beliefs held in your body and energy field.  In addition, she has the gift of connecting with your Higher Self to bring through your truth. This information not only supports the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life, it will also help you to clear blocks that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential.  As a clairsentient, Karen can also access blocks passed down through the generations.    

In addition, you get to ask any questions you may have about challenges you are experiencing as well as any concerns you may have – and clear them.  Karen will empower you going forward to identity why you get triggered, as well as equip you to unearth any deeper core beliefs that may be buried in your subconscious mind.


As with any healing modality it is important to have a clear intention of what you would like to see as the outcome.

It would be useful to answer questions like:

  • What changes do I want to experience?

  • What emotions or limiting beliefs am I holding onto that I want to let go of?

  • Where am I experiencing pain in my body?

  • What negative thoughts that occupy my thinking do I want to release?

Energy healing is most effective when clients are willing and open-minded. Most people experience benefits such as:

  • Pain reduction

  • Deep relaxation and healing

  • Released energy blocks in the body

  • Increased clarity and freedom

  • Increased energy levels

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Feelings of empowerment

  • Reduction in mood swings

  • A sense of a burden being lifted

​​Book now to experience an Energy healing session.

​Please note: Energys healing can be done while on medications, please however, consult your doctor first.


60 min healing session           $180


Extra 30 min consult                 $35

Extra 60 min consult                 $60

Experience the healing benefits of a Sensory Energy session and accelerate your wellness.
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Karen Pattie


Karen Pattie

Whilst in the corporate world, Karen was already pursuing her passion of personal development and self awareness which later became her full time job and current career.  She has explored, studied and trained in various healing modalities over the past 23 years. The first of these was reflexology when Karen received her Diploma in Reflexology in 1995.


Her curiosity and inquiring mind led to her ask many questions about the body and its innate healing systems as well as wanting to understand universal energy and quantum physics. She went on to  receive a Certificate of Mastery, qualifying as a Reiki and Seichim Master in 2009.


As her studies deepened she broadened her skills to encompass that of Connective Healing and Quantum Healing.  The highlight of her quest on how to heal the body and activate its own healing systems was learning the art of Kiatsu (putting Ki into the body to stimulate its own natural healing abilities) by Sensei Michael Williams, the then World Instructor for Aikido.      

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