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Prenatal Restorative yoga retreat




Pregnancy is a unique journey for every woman. Our hormones support us to grow and give life, yet with them come many mood changes, from feeling sick to being happy then feeling stressed or suffering from insomnia and then unable to keep our eyes open.


Pregnancy can be a roller coaster!

We can feel vulnerable and exhausted with our mind driving us crazy -  but wait!  We have a baby growing in us!

The body and the mind are going through such big changes, making it an important time to feel fully supported through this beautiful  journey.  This is where prenatal restorative yoga plays a soothing and nurturing role.  It brings the body and mind back to a natural state of peace and contentment enabling you to connect with your baby, your body and your feelings.

Through breath work and mindfulness, you can more easily relax, and allow your body and mind to receive the benefits of the restorative poses while simultaneously relieving anxiety and agitation.  By supporting the body with props like blankets, bolsters and pillows, accompanied with mindfulness and practices like meditation and breathing techniques, your body will be guided into deep states of relaxation, withdrawing  all the senses to the present moment. The “flight, fight or freeze” response is deactivated and the parasympathetic nervous system is switched on, moving the nervous system into relaxation.  This helps calm the adrenal glands and endocrine system counteracting the affects of insomnia, muscle tension and  hypertension, while promoting breathing regulation and calming the mind.

Take time out of the busyness of life and immerse yourself fully at our beautiful Numala Forest Retreat where you are surrounded by nature.  Sink into bliss and develop a special connection with your baby.

During this immersion you will learn breathing techniques, restorative poses, stretches, and simple meditations - all the tools that you can take with you into your birthing experience and beyond into parenthood.

This a time for you and your baby. Class sizes are strictly limited to allow for personalised attention. Taught with a focus on physical and mental wellbeing, this class is a gentle but effective approach to stretching and strengthening your body and slowing down your mind.

Join us for a unique experience during this special time to connect with your baby and your true nature.

​​Everything you need is supplied and places are limited.  Booking is essential.





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Virginie Russo

Hi! My name is Virginie, I’m a yoga teacher and the mother of two wonderful children. I’m passionate about Ayurvedic psychology, mantra meditation, restorative yoga and Reiki.  With all my heart, I want to share with you the valuable insights I’ve received from these various practices. I thrive on helping people transform their lives through yoga and meditation. I believe that yoga offers us a means to heal from past wounds and to overcome life's challenges. As a fun-loving nurturer by nature, my gentle
approach to healing is aimed at bringing a sense of calm and grounding
 to my students.



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